Japanese Anime To Watch Online
Image adapted from (left to right): Ufotable, Wit Studio, Gainax and Tatsunoko Production
You’ve tried every other stay-at-home fad, like whisking up that Dalgona coffee drink and trying out those ab workouts to quell your boredom.
But if cabin fever’s still going to you, it’s an excellent time to finally catch abreast of some iconic anime series that you’ve been adjourning . We’ve created an inventory of much-loved anime shows for first-time watchers – be it shonen or slice-of-life, there’s an ideal anime for everybody .

1. One-Punch Man (2015 – 2019)

Saitama is One-Punch Man – he wins all of his fights with literally only one punch. He’s finally achieved his dream of being a superhero, but there’s a drag thereupon – he’s far too strong, and he not gets a thrill from fights. Unsatisfied and bored, this hero-for-fun’s look for a formidable opponent leads him to unknowingly save lives on multiple occasions.
This satirical webcomic-turned-anime has been successful due to its premise that ‘the person always wins’ gets boring, even for the protagonist himself.
One-Punch Man is additionally blessed great animation and soundtrack music, and action scenes that pack even as much punch because the comedy.

It also pokes fun at several other well-known animes, so look out for those easter eggs. After all, One-Punch Man (wanpanman in Japanese) began as a play on the japanese children’s superhero Anpanman.

2. Tokyo Ghoul (2014 – 2018)

In an alternate reality, humans coexist with ghouls – beings which will only survive by consuming human flesh but look exactly like citizenry . These ghouls live hidden amongst society, evading the general public eye while forming their own society of sorts.

Ken Kaneki was a quiet and lonely student, only having one real friend and sometimes sticking to himself. All of this changed after an encounter with Rize Kamishiro, a seemingly innocent and seductive lady, who clothed to be a binge-eating ghoul – and he was getting to be her next meal. A freak accident saves Kaneki, who is then taken to the hospital.

He wakes up to understand that he underwent a surgery that implanted parts of Rize in him, turning him into a hungry ghoul. Plunged against his will into a scary world of flesh-eating creatures, Kaneki struggles to cling on to the remnants of his humanity whilst trying to remain alive. Click here to read more.
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